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North Richland Hills Security Company

Absolute Security and Patrol Security Guards Protect People and Assets in North Richland Hills, Texas

At Absolute Security and Patrol, we provide skilled private North Richland Hills security services to the North Richland Hills Area. Some of our clients just need extra security support for a single event. Others require a North Richland Hills security company for around the clock, 365 days a year support. Whatever your needs, Absolute Security and Patrol is the best way to secure your assets and people.

As the most trusted North Richland Hills security company, we earned our reputation by delivering security solutions to the North Richland Hills area since 2000’s. Our clients appreciate the highly personalized service and experience from one of the only locally owned and managed North Richland Hills security companies in North Richland Hills. Superior North Richland Hills security comes primarily from highly qualified and trained North Richland Hills security guards. Our expert staff takes their role very seriously.


In today’s day and age, we are reminded of the importance of hiring a professional North Richland Hills security service company in order to keep people safe from threats or terrorizing events. No person should be leaving their house headed toward a business or event and hoping they make it home alive. Business owners these days are not only faced with running a profitable business but they are also faced with keeping their customers and employees safe. Our North Richland Hills security service company works with business owners and event organizers to reduce the possibility of threats by creating  a custom defense plan for each and every possible scenario. With terror on the rise, now more than ever, a complete security plan is needed. These vulnerable events require the knowledge, experience, and skill of one the top security guard agencies in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Having a North Richland Hills Security guard on site can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property and assets are safe. Our security guards are highly trained and experienced in providing security services that meet the specific needs of your business or organization. We take the time to get to know you and your specific requirements so that we can provide a protection plan that will meet all of your needs.


Absolute Security and Patrol is a certified private security company in North Richland Hills, TX. Our long years of experience have made us a trusted partner in the industry. With 15 years of private security experience, 18 years of military expertise, and 20 years practice in hospitality and high-level management, our solid reputation has made us the top private security company in North Richland Hills, Texas.


Our experienced North Richland Hills Security Officers focus on prevention. We customize our services to meet the different needs of our valued clientele. To ensure your security, we can closely monitor suspicious activities, disrupting behavior, vandalism, etc. We can also ensure noise control, emergency response, or client management — anything to get you securely covered.


Each of our North Richland Hills Security Officers is carefully selected and has gone through meticulous background checks, including fingerprinting with Texas and nationwide criminal records. They have undergone standard security officer training and completed specialized range training approved by the state. We also have a dedicated hospitality/concierge training to make every Absolute Security Officer is fully capable and equipped.


North Richland Hills Security Company

North Richland Hills, commonly known as NRH, is a city inside Tarrant County, Texas, United States, and a mid-to-high end suburb of Fort Worth. The population was 63,343 at the 2010 census, making it the third largest city in Tarrant County.




Highest Quality North Richland Hills Security Guards

Absolute Security and Patrol excels in tailoring specific security details for every possible North Richland Hills security requirement. You will receive licensed, experienced professional security personnel when and where you need them. No matter where you need private security services in North Richland Hills, Texas. We can provide you with local top notch North Richland Hills security specialists. When you partner with us, you can depend on our experience and expertise.


All of our North Richland Hills security guards are registered with the state of Texas and are excessively screened using a thorough interview process, background checks, and drug testing.


We believe that training will prepare our officers for real life situations at our client post. It’s important to hire the highest quality individuals with the best instincts for the work, it is critical that we sharpen and refine those basic talents with quality training.


Identification card worn while on duty.Clean pressed uniforms, shined black shoes, plain buckle with belt, well groomed and hair well trimmed.


All Of our North Richland Hills security guards follow the rules and regulations of our clients as well as our own.They must read the job manual, log and take notes daily for additional instructions. They must follow the post orders of the clients.


Under the Rules and Regulations of our company, our guards must, especially at any sites whereby one guard relieves another, be present on time in order to get a thorough run down of the site.


Unarmed guards: Flashlight, Radio / Walkie-talkie, Pen, Log Book, and Time Clock



North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX
North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX
North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX
North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX


North Richland Hills Security Guard Services

Need to Add Trained and Licensed Security Personnel?

Contract with Absolute Security and Patrol to work with the best in the business. At Absolute Security and Patrol, our highly trained guards work on-site to deter crime, control access and report unwanted behavior. Our reputation as a top North Richland Hills security company comes from several decades of treating each client like family. Your safety and security is our only business.

North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX

North Richland Hills Security Guards

Locally-Owned and Operated

North Richland Hills security clients have superior flexibility because we are locally owned, operated and funded. North Richland Hills security companies can’t provide the customized services to meet each client’s unique needs. Our North Richland Hills office has been delivering quality contract North Richland Hills security since 2000. We’re invested in this community.

North Richland Hills Security Guard Services

Client Satisfaction

We nurture every client relationship and aim for complete client satisfaction. That is why we have the best client retention rate of all North Richland Hills security companies. Get peace of mind knowing that you hired the North Richland Hills security company that sets the bar for the rest.

North Richland Hills Security Company | North Richland Hills Security in North Richland Hills, TX


Hiring a security guard can cost anywhere from $15 to $100+ per hour, depending on your requirements. If you need a guard to watch a retail store for shoplifters, the cost will fall toward the bottom of the scale. On the upper end, a full-time executive bodyguard can cost as much as $1500 per day

The cost of hiring a security guard can depend on several factors — the shifts required, number of guards, level of risk at the location, experience of the guard, and whether or not they are armed. A security consultant can help you achieve the appropriate level of security coverage without overspending.

Another difference in cost can be whether they are on your payroll as an employee or contracted. If you hire them yourself, you will have to provide benefits, training, and possibly uniforms if you want them worn. You will also be responsible for taxes and insurance. On the other hand, if you work with a security provider, they are responsible for all of it. A security firm can also easily replace a guard you are not satisfied with or adjust the number of guards deployed at your location, depending on changing need or risk.

Yes, we are licensed and insured. We carry the best insurance in the industry. On top of that all of the guards we hire have to pass a stringent background check and drug testing. We want to make sure you get the best security officer for the job.

We rely primarily on the principles of preparation and prevention in order to avoid a dangerous situation in the first place. We take into account all aspects of the business, venue and retail space in order to be fully be prepared before your customers arive.

During a normal security patrol schedule, the primary duties of Absolute Security and Patrol’s trained uniformed security officers. Allowing full discretion in determining who is entering the business or event is the first step to managing risk. Once allowed in, the customers and employees must then be supervised vigilantly. Our security guards are trained to identify immediate risks and to dispose of said risks as soon as possible.

Absolute Security and Patrol, a 24 hr Fort Worth security company, is prepared to react appropriately when the time calls. Our security personnel know the appropriate contacts to reach and emergency protocols to follow to handle the situation as swiftly and smoothly as possible to minimize harm and public nuisance.

As mentioned above, we have the largest network of security guards and our goal is to make certain that when you need protection, that you only have to make one call. Since we first started, we’ve been making it simple for anyone to hire an unarmed guard. When you need to defend an event or when you need on-site mobile patrols be sure to call us. When you contact us, we promise to dedicate ourselves to helping you set up a custom plan. With us, you never have to worry about leaving your employees or customers in an unsafe environment. If it’s monitoring during store hours, after hours, or both, we will provide you with the only security services you need.

One of the things that separates us from the competition is that we offer industry specific solutions. We are also one of the most highly trusted companies in the Fort Worth and we are known for providing reliable guarding services to many different fields. Our network allows us to set up as well as, emergency coverage, shift coverage, and more.

We work hard with clients to reduce risks so that your business or event will run smoothly. If it’s just routine monitoring for property or crowd management for high-risk gatherings; our employees can be put in any situation and be counted on to deliver top-quality security services. We strive at being one the top security companies in Fort Worth. Contact us now and one of our experts will perform a no risk quote at no charge.

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